Reaction Bar Implementation Change Suggestion


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  • TBlazeWarriorT

    New suggested reactions thing is the biggest issue. Takes up way too much space, covers not only the message itself but OTHER nearby messages, and only shows 3 emoji discord judges that you use often but for me it's not even the case, I just spammed a lot of the same emoji in a message and Discord now permanently thinks it's my *favorite emoji ever*. The 3 quick-react emojis should be customizable or entirely removed, and the whole hover menu should be smaller and less tall. Takes WAY too much space rn.

  • CatButts

    Yeah, it's a bit cumbersome when aiming for the edit message button.

  • Edward

    I actually agree. It gets in the way. I have often clicked on an icon by mistake so I have to take it away. I think a server actually disabled all reactions because the bar was getting in the way of the text.

    My suggestion would be to have this bar optional in the settings (be able to turn it off).

  • Cyllarus

    It covers up the text I'm trying to read.
    It's positioned so that I'm not sure which post I'm responding to.
    It at least needs to be smaller; ideally it should only appear when I put the cursor at the end of the first line of a post.


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