New UI is terrible and discord is ignoring the problem and community feedback


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  • maoman

    I guarantee you they're just hoping if they ignore us long enough we'll "get used to it" and stop complaining about their ugly, obnoxious UI changes.

  • treos

    would not surprise me

  • Bab

    Some extra notes:
    -The separator between lines in both compact and regular mode was an accessibility feature (specifically for people with dyslexia + similar problems), and now that's gone
    -The new emoji bar and text highlighting are extremely distracting for people with ADHD, and can't be turned off
    -The new text highlighting is also so rapid that it could potentially be an epileptic trigger, plus people with motor functions will have the highlight constantly flashing, because it's only on mouse-overs

    I think maybe Discord should ask and engage with the community more, and especially disabled and neurodivergent folks, because these features really do make quality of chat so much worse for some.

    And, y'know. It's a literal health risk right now.


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