I cannot stand the new UI update.


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  • Matko

    I personally love the new UI. Don't see how it's messy.

  • at the least they should allow us to not use this horrible interface, it looks and feel horrible to use, ive never had any problems with the old ui and see this update as useless, annoying and unnecesarry

  • TheMarkus1204


    I have no Problems with the Update either BUT I do have 2 Problems with the new UI (.5 if you count the line separator in):

    - Active Now Bar (annoying and totally unnecessary because just by looking at the friends list you see who is doing what; AND there is no option to opt-out being shown there!)

    - Reaction Bar (Annoying in Web-UI if you want to edit a message since you have no context menu; besides adding reaction is also included in the options you get by clicking on the three dots to the right! Annoying and unncecessary in Desktop because you can right-click any message and just add a reaction that way; also only limited Emojis are shown there!)

    - Line Separator and Style of the "NEW" Line. Line Separator has gone missing with this new Update, making messages harder to read. Style of "NEW" Line (New Messages) is ugly and needs reformatting, BUT this is a thing I can live with.

  • constantfear

    At the very least, just please let us disable the stupid automatic updates. When a program does things without me telling it to, or without my permission, I consider it malware. But Discord won't listen to us. They don't care about their users, even slightly. 

  • w1nst0n

    It would be SO COOL if you could switch in some sort of setting between all versions of the UI, including the first edition. It would be awesome, and would solve this issue for anyone complaining about the UI.

  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    better discord has a theme that reverts the ui almost completely

    it's not *perfect* but it's very close.

    just google the better discord library, it's not hard to find it in there. sort by date uploaded.


    i'd link directly but i'll probably get punished because hurrdurr betterdiscord against tos 

  • yes, yes please. anything that allows me to go back to the precedent UI. i was avoiding to update because of the feedback i had on it, and it forced an update now... the UI interface is... off. a lot, i just don't like that. it feels smashed and crushed together , way too compact. the precedent one was perfect...

  • Kazuma Taichi

    Re: Matko
    I don't think messy is quite the right term for it, but with people that have reading disability issues (such as dyslexia), the removal of the divider line causes the text to more easily blur in with other lines, and it takes more effort to keep all of the information differentiated. In that sense, the interface itself isn't messy, but it's now been compressed in a way where some brains end up seeing it as messy.

  • TheMarkus1204

    Use of BetterDiscord is against their TOS and COULD get you banned! As much as I wish I could revert certain things myself, I am not taking the risk of being banned...

  • Sethosaur

    Perfect update is Discord providing us the OPTION to customize. Toggles, buttons and switches we actually want to press! PLEASE!


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