Make harrassment/death threats/toxicity to furries illegal in the discord TOS


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  • Kyoko 🇽🇰🇦🇱

    what do you mean? death threats is already against the terms of service because it is illegal. You don't have to be a furry to make it against terms of service. If someones sends a death threat, just report them to discord.

    There is always hatred and toxicity. Adding it to the tos doesn't actually sovle anything. They need to be careful about that, because any criticism can be seen as toxicity. I have friends who are furries, and don't like or agree with most of the community and them saying their opinion can get them quickly banned from the platform.

    This would be worse than the accident, where anyone with connection to trust and safety would people get banned just by fake anti furry accusations.

    I get shit on by being a gamer and a nerd, I don't come here and make it a protectected group like lgbtq. Everyone gets hatred and toxicity, It's best to move on and remove those people from your life. 

  • PurpleLuke👑💜

    The only disgrace here is you weird ass furries.

  • -Oloop-


  • Jack79

    Yeah Kyoko has a point, being a furry isn't an exclusive rank to any of those problems, harassment is harassment, report it when its genuine and if its a reoccurring event they will get banned for it.


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