Discord Nitro pay with Paypal without credit card


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  • senneklenne

    they just need to add more payment methodes like bank account,paysafe and yes paypal without creditcard

    becouse now it just sucks to those who want to pay for nitro but we can't bc we need a credit card 

  • Acee

    i'm fully supporting this 

  • DJ*Désolé🌟PourTout

    Paying with paypal Only. No additional Credit Card to it to be added, no need to bank account connected to PayPal. Still be able to pay Nitro,Boosts,gifts .maybe?

  • Cedric

    i hope someone from discord responds to this , it would be good.

  • Spectre Celia

    Need this

  • TechnicPepijn

    This would be amazing! I hope it will get added ;-)

  • sync.eye

    Yea, I support that idea, just make an option paypal balance pay and thats that, and it automatically canceles the subscription to only 1 month. I dont know where is a problem in there

  • Rimuru Tempest Ⅷ

    That would be the best for everyone, both Discord and the users, I love the Nitro features, unfortunately I don't have a credit card to make the purchase, and I'm tired of giving money to random people, who have a credit card, so they can "offer" me a gift.


    By doing this, they would have more buyers, and people would have Nitro by an easier way. Win-win situation.

  • Money is money. I second this, let us get Nitro/boost without a CC.

  • This really needs to be a payment option. I wanted to get it, but found out you need CC. So unfair :c

  • ItzZephixLy

    if they add this to payment option, ill swear imma buy nitro



    pls discord team add this payment option so we dont need cc to buy it


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