Add a forum channel type


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  • ptr

    This type of channel is something developers that want to use discord for their communication could use.

    At my university we currently have a large discord server, which needs this feature really bad as a way of posting questions.

    So yes there are many use cases for this feature... I think that adding a way of non-real time communication is very likely to by heavily used in many servers.

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  • KaiClavier

    Yes, please!

    A forum channel type would be incredible, and a step-up from Slack's threads too, since forums bump topics people are discussing to the top. My server has a "post work you've done" channel, and when one person posts, the embed alone will push other posts off-screen. There's no real way to clearly reply to a specific post that's been made, and if you reply to a post that's not the most recent one, the channel just becomes a total mess.

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  • IJ

    I have no idea why they are waiting so long to implement this, all discord servers need to be able to add Chat & Forum inside one server this would be perfect, also a Notification icon similar to facebook somewhere in the right corner to notify about replies (we need this regardless of the forum feature request)

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