Set output sound to windows default playback device


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  • sshogrin

    I have the same "issue". When setting discord to use "default" for mic input and speaker output, it doesn't work. I have to manually set devices in discord as well as in Windows 10. It's like discord isn't reading the system input/output settings.

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  • Barsik

    It's not only a discord problem. But discord could fix it. The problem is that discord uses the default communication device, which is right. But windows doesn't provide a good way of changing that. When you change the device from tray, it only changes the playback device.

    Playback device is used for app sounds, communication device is used for voice chat applications mostly.

    Anyway, since I got tired of that, I decided to solve it myself.

    Pleasetake a look at this github project

    Basically it is a windows service that automatically changes the default communication device, when you just change the default device from tray, as you would usually do. In discord settings just use default.

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