Please revert, or at the very least let us customize the UI


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  • HellZero

    I second this

  • zaxiwise

    I triple this

  • emiiy

    whoever decided to approve this update needs to be fired

  • DAOWAce

    I started flipping out in my friend's chat thinking they removed the ability to change what window we're sharing, only to find out it was under the 'stop streaming' button, which brings down a menu instead of doing what you'd expect.  Not intuitive whatsoever.

    All the other things you mentioned though, yup, yup.


    It's just been negative change after negative change for the last few months.  From this, to the last UI overhaul 2 months ago, to the 'reduced motion' change, hell even back to the Dark theme change last year.  Discord's just been going downhill in terms of UI and there's nothing any of us can do about it.

    Lemme just leave this here:

    It still doesn't disappear when you click in the window and see the message.  You still have to hit escape to get rid of it.


    I remember when I used to use AIM 5.5 forever.. gone are the days we have control over our software.

  • Reaper666735

    indeed we should have @ least some customisable options if we don't like the new and horrible .....


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