Making muted/deafened icons always appear in calls like they used to


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  • honoka

    yep, sucks. i've got discord open on my 2nd screen as well and this new update makes this pretty much useless to me

  • crome221

    I just wanted to voice my feedback that I don't like the new look for DM calls. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how sleek and aesthetic it looks, but it really bothers me that I can't see the mute indicator easily only unless I hover my mouse over it.

    My girlfriend and I love to sleep together on calls, and I like knowing that I am guaranteed muted and unmuted when I sometimes watch YouTube at night. Most of the other times, I'm usually operating discord while nearly fully asleep. I like and will genuinely miss the easy accessibility of just needing only to peek open my eyes a little to see if my ASMR cuddle microphone is working for her and that I'm not accidentally muted.

    This new disappearing aesthetic mute indicator also is colored to be white, bright, and lightly fades and quickly disappears, adding to the difficulty of trying to see it when I've already taken my contacts out at night and heading to bed on call. On top of that, I need to clearly see the mute indicator even after lowering my laptop's brightness down all the way, to sleep on calls. Since the beginning five years ago, I've never had these kinds of problems, and I've always been able to see the red mute indicator, but now I don't have any chance of seeing it anymore. The mute indicate is practically and almost literally non-existent anymore.

    Therefore, I wanted to suggest that you guys could add a settings feature to allow users to pick between the old red mute indicator or the disappearing aesthetic mute indicator. This is a needed feature for people with physical accessibility needs and slightly impaired vision, but the new design also adds a more professional look to discord. Thus, we don't want to throw it out completely.

    P.S. My girlfriend is ALWAYS ALWAYS being cute and shy and therefore likes to mute a lot, and I still want to just immediately know, when I alt-tab back to the call to check that she's not trying to hide from the horror movie we are screen share watching together on movie nights.


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