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  • AUSBird

    Please explain? What's the biggest issue with setting up 2FA right now for you?

    I feel the current process is good... Tho I would love to see an expanding of 2FA options outside of OTP's (The 6 numbers that change every minute) and SMS...


    I would love to see Hardware 2FA key support

  • alex~

    I really want to have discord use PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL authentication, I don't see why I have to download a damn app just for a 2FA code, roblox has it easier because you can just go in your inbox and get a code and boom, you're all set. Discord makes it this hard, because I have to use an app to get a code. PLEASE Discord, please add phone or email 2FA.

  • chasapple4

    There is an issue that prevents many people from using 2FA with Discord, as you have to have a device that can use an authenticator app and if the device breaks you might get locked out, I have seen it with other kinds of accounts (people don't know what a back up code is). Or if the device with the authenticator has a dead battery then the user is also locked out).


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