Offer the Discord client without Electron.JS (or allow third party clients)


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  • Huggypie

    I’m guessing Discord uses electron to save on labor costs, considering that the company is still burning through investor money. Why pay people to develop separate desktop and web versions of discord when you can just force people to run discord in chrome?

  • Starlight

    I totally agree. Take a look at the Telegram desktop app. It's on QT, works perfectly without freezing, even on my slow laptop (which has 2 GB of RAM and a 1.3 GHz processor). What if I run discord on it? DISCORD IS INCREDIBLY SLOW ON IT. It's so bad that I had to use discord from the tablet while I was working on my laptop. Even considering the fact that I now have a powerful enough computer to make this stuff work without any lags, but I won't forget the suffering the electron brought me. F... Oh, sorry, STUPID ELECTRON, I HATE IT.

  • Dragnilar

    I find it laughable that Discord has never once commented on any of these posts, despite the indefensible fact that they continue to use Electron and all of its hot smoking garbage. Telegram at least chose the proper cross-platform route and went with a battle tested framework with QT. Unfortunately QT is not cheap either on the licensing or the dev side of things, so it stands to reason Discord is never going to consider going down the road of using one of the most powerful C++ GUI frameworks ever made.

    Needless to say, there are other options (I.E. Stop using lowest common denominator approaches and build clients that are actually targeted towards the actual operating systems and let go of the cross platform cost saving pipe dream). Unfortunately none of them are probably going to give them the biggest bang for their bug like the way Electron and its awful user experiences provide. Still, I welcome anyone from Discord to correct me on any of this and defend the usage of electron for anything but the cost savings on development. 

    Hence... I think our only options (if we want to continue using Discord as a service) are to find alternative clients. Unfortunately though, finding adequate alternatives that keep up with the official one is difficult.  Suffice... we will continue to use the awful "official" version and curse knowing that we have to deal with Electron and its putrescence. 


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