add game activity on discord mobile


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  • JaimeDG011

    I have the same question, when are they going to add this to the mobile discord? 

  • Richie

    Personally, I don't like the idea of Discord posting any activity of mine. One of the reasons I do not use the desktop version is because even though there is an option to disable the BROADCASTING of it, the program STILL actively monitors everything running on your computer (ie unnecessary spying, and unnecessary usage of cpu processing and RAM usage).

    Granted I've started hearing more and more that in this day and age "privacy" is not a thing anymore and we should all embrace everyone eventually knowing every embarrassing moment and every mistake you've ever made in your life. But, again personally, I refuse.

    I upvoted, because to each his/her/their own, BUT if this is implemented I really hope an option is placed in settings to fully disable the feature for those of us that don't care for it.

  • Breeze

    Game activity would be relatively difficult to perform for mobile devices, especially IOS. You can just set your status to what you’re playing if you want it so badly.

  • Kirito🗡

    I know it would not be an exaggeration since they made it available for Samsung devices, I think it would be better that way for those who want something closer to PCs since they cannot have one.

  • 1M_b4DI23

    I need game activity on mobile


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