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  • Brucie-Magik

    I think this is a fantastic idea. Large chats can be very congested, and sometimes loud, this would be perfect to allow others to speak without getting agitated. 

  • Pangloss

    If Discord had this, and the ability to set up short polls without having to use emoji reacts, I could immediately start teaching online college courses using it.

  • fastcow12

    i hoped they do it cuz i want to suggest this app for my colloge to use for online teaching


  • Ираклий

    This was proposed two years ago, but has not yet been implemented. And this is strange to me.


  • Lark

    I've been wanting that for a while nor. It is a very much needed features, as there is a no way to have a bot do this.

  • Aphdon

    Yes, please, we need this. This would be great for gaming and other group discussions

  • valexz

    It is very useful for teaching, conferences, and digital board games like the mafia, spy fall,  alias, mafia, etc.

  • 👉👈

    Maybe by adding a simple 🤚 to the back of their name, like in Zoom. This may be easier said than done, but perhaps someone could make this a bot? And including other features, like a 👍  or 👎 , etc etc.

  • Kalhamaar

    Agree, especially for classroom or rpg sessions

    Can be associated with visual icon as well as chime


  • Gleb

    Need this for our academy

  • wi1lywonka

    This would be great for our business use cases.


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