Disable your propaganda banner


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  • uninvitedguest

    Glad I'm not the only one. The moment they turn Discord into another snowflake comfort zone by enforcing "political correctness" and such, we're going to ditch it the same way we ditched FB, Twitter and all of the other liberal social media platforms without second thought.

  • Nick.

    Time to move to TeamSpeak 5 ? Remove the banner. We care about the games and the product not your political agenda discord. 

  • شهر نوفمبر

    I agree completely. Most mainstream media has become a racist liberal place whose sole purpose is to harass white males. I'm really sad to see discord going in that direction. In these times as a white male you only get harassed and told you aren't doing enough, because one white man killed a black guy who was a drug dealer or something. I see no point in a peaceful chat platform promoting anti-white racism just for the sake of appealing to leftist groups.

  • MilSci

    Why is this in the API section? It's not meant for here.


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