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  • lordofcalamity

    I don't get why companies think people want that. do they really think us lot of shit posters and memers like censorship?

  • alastairpei

    It really amazes me how Discord is willing to please the loud 1% while giving everyone else the finger. Nobody wants censorship of any form. 

  • Not Today Buddy

    Where were they for Justine Desmond?
    Or don't they support female victims due to the killer being coloured?

    Where do you stand Discord?
    Females over coloured, or coloured over females?
    Perhaps you can explain why you're talking big about stopping racism, yet are targeting those born without a say in the colour they're born and are born white, particularly with your inflammatory and defamatory White Supremacy bullshit.
    Will you actively target Black Supremacy discords?
    What about Arabic or Asian Supremacy discords?


    TL DR Discord, have a good hard long look at yourself, as it is you who is encouraging racist discriminatory behaviour, thoughts and actions!

  • Salzstangl

    One of the youtubers I follow for balanced political information already shut down his discord server.

    Seems like discord even banned people just using the server, not only the owner.


    Just for info: Twitter is a one-sided website. Most of them dont even use discord, but they want control over every social media platform.

    Info 2: Censorship was one of the most important tools for: Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Mao and many more. Its not a joke, discord is the new press for many people.

    Info 3: If you dont think its censorship, then why do you think twitter banned trumps campaign?


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