Feature: Ability to add tabs/subsections within a Text Channel


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  • MilSci

    General Feedback
    Do you mean making channels become almost a category, but instead for sub channels? E.g. you can have a channel named game-discussion and have it be normal, however, if you wanted to add a tag you could and it creates a sub channel. The question with this is, do you join the original channel that has no tag? Or if you give it a tag does it automatically go to whichever channel tag you left on? I'm curious because then you would have your tags + 1 for the chats, because the original no tag channel would exist.

    Technical Feedback

    One way to fix the issue I am talking about above is to make it so if there are no tags, then you have a basic channel, however, if you add a tag, then the channel becomes kind of like a category and always directs you to whichever tag you left off of last. This would mean too probably losing your chats if you add a tag, as the channel type will change.

    API Alterations

    Working with the discord API and for example Discord JavaScript:
    A channel would have to become multi functional, most likely adding a property inside the manager Channel property type. This is to detect whether that channel is a text channel, or now a parent channel to tags. And then you would need to be able to have the API understand the new tag channels as text channels, and the main channel as a parent. It would involve some heavy work but is theoretically possible.

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