Pop out/view multiple video streams at once


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  • DragonRaider8212

    I was about to post this EXACT same suggestion. Alternatively, it would be nice to be able to upload a photo/video background behind the streams so us streamers could just capture the single pop-out window straight. But this would be nice as well!

  • SubbyDew

    This exactly, having to use the grid to watch more than one stream is pretty terrible when you have several people in the call as it just fills up with their icons.

    Being able to focus on more than one stream would be great.

  • Mikango

    You're able to remove the icons (right click and untick show non-video participants) but that still doesn't fix the issue with the fact that you see your own stream, you can't rearrange the streams and you can't pop out specific streams.

  • T SpooN

    I have nothing to add on this comment because enough is said from previous ones. Add it. Just do it.

  • sarkyn

    100% this. Sometimes I would love to watch two streams at full size, but even with two monitors it's not possible.

  • addmitt

    Yeah I run a podcast and if more than one person joins the video call, the whole layout is changed, forcing me to change all my captures in OBS. I really wish I could just pop out an individual to their own dedicated window. And yeah, virtual background for green screen chroma would be very nice.

  • I also really need this. I'm just reiterating but this is the current situation for streamers: In order to get the video feeds of particular video participants, one needs to capture the same Discord window several times and then crop it to the size of that video.

    - If someone else joins the call or drops out, the layout is broken or it might get reordered.
    - You are always limited in the video size by however Discord decides to partition the screen.

    By allowing individual/separate window pop-outs for any number of video participants:

    - One can reduce the hassle of cropping and just copy a 'window capture' or change the source of a 'window capture'
    - One can increase the size of the individual video feeds
    - One will have a designated window for each participant, even if they momentarily deactivate their camera
    - No messy changes because someone leaves or joins the call

  • Orange Joe



  • Tatum

    This is something I want desperately to be able to do 


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