Nitro grace free trial period.


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  • TotallyOscar

    I just want to point out that Discord already has a system similar to a free trial. If you purchase Nitro, you can actually receive a full refund if you request one within 5 days of your purchase, which allows users to safely try out Nitro knowing they can get a full refund if they are left unsatisfied (Although Discord doesn't mention this when you initially purchase Nitro, the refund policy is found on the support section of the website). I do like the idea, however.

  • Hello I would like to get nitro on Discord I would love to have CLASIC nitro to see how it feels
  • Awesomeday46

    Could be exploited

  • Yea sure ! If anyone thinks it could be exploited than we can just reduce the trial time

     Users have no idea what their profile picture will look, what it feels to use all emojis etc..

    It could even be for 12/24 hours !

    I upvote !


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