Suggestion | Changes to the 2 Factor Authentication System


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  • K_i_c_k

    I think it would've like for example Yourmail@****.com when you get code for verification and that would be random 6 or 8 numbers digit.

  • codijayrobot

    Yeah, So like every other site that allows email verification. Technically a form of two factor authentication already exists on every discord account when you sign in on a new IP.

  • alex~

    I wish Discord can just use email or phone# authentication, I can't download a lot of stuff on my phone because it's hard to get rid of memory since I take so much pictures and stuff. PLEASE use email or phone# authentication. That would make my life a WHOLE ton easier.

  • Chris4Fun

    I agree completely with the original poster's suggestion. I don't have a mobile phone. It would be nice for two-factor authentication to be enabled with another option than having to put in a mobile phone number.  Enable it for landline phones, or a second email address. Something other than requiring a user have a mobile phone. 


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