Allow servers to track boost count for individual users


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  • Skyler

    OOH, that is a REALLY great idea... there "is" a way to do so by seeing the boosts channel and seeing how many messages from [...] user boosts, but that's not practical, and we want something practical. upvote :)

  • Tigershark14

    Up-vote this!

    This is possible if Discord makes the premium subscription API public to bots and also possibly even display them on the new server insights page.

    On my server I have set up a bot with commands to allow boosters to create their own custom roles and change the name and colour of it whenever they want to. Currently because I am unable to know how many times someone boosts, I can't extend the time of their custom role according to the number of times they boost. Instead I have to reward all boosters in the same way and remove their custom role as soon as they stop boosting.

    However, Discord won't publicise their API for individual server boosts as they are worried that server owners might become too fixated with it.

    I can see how this could possibly start forming arguments, such as; If a server holds a giveaway or someone gifts someone nitro but agreed on terms such as the person who receives the boost must boost a specific server twice. However, instead of keeping both boosts boosting the server, they transfer one of their boosts to another server such as their own.

    However this generally should not be the case, and if it were, then it allows those who gift a nitro to help boost a specific server to know if their gift terms have been abused in anyway and to know if they are worthy of receiving another sponsored boost. I see many benefits out of this, and the benefits out-way the possible drawbacks, and anyways I believe that boosters should get what they pay for, even if it means giving them that extra appreciation.

  • JimJΛmGo

    The only way I can think of doing this is by asking people who are using double boost perks to show you their boost subscription page, where it shows you what servers your boosts are subscribed too. Personally I don't want to have to ask people to do this every 7 or so days because it is possible to send the same picture over and over, unless you pester them to include a unique *something* in each photo to differentiate them all. 


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