Cast Screenshare to Smart TV


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  • fattredd

    Building in a chromecast-type addon would be pretty nice for all video streams I think. Sadly, it's probably not very high priority for the devs.

  • im4ednetwork

    Honestly, Discord should do this, it would be pretty cool.


  • BLaZuRE

    This is a repost of .  I suggest voting on the higher vote (and older) one instead of here.

  • Empurress MeowMeow

    BLaZuRE When I looked long ago when I first made this suggestion, I never found another one suggesting what I was suggesting. I'll still add my vote to the linked post anyway so thank you.

  • Ufo Believer

    It sounds like having the ability to cast screenshare to a smart TV would be incredibly helpful for you. Being able to see what your friends are demonstrating on a larger screen would definitely make it easier to follow along and understand. Have you tried looking into apps like yacine tv download iPhone that could potentially enable this functionality! 


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