DiscordSetup.exe can't work


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  • NightOP

    Dear Gyur1,

    We recommend that you install 7Zip because there might be a chance that part of discord’s files are still on your PC. If you install 7Zip you can repair the Discord Application and all that.

    Download https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

    Tutorial https://youtu.be/bO3bYQzqj3M

    If anymore issues please contact Discord Support
    PS https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

    Or contact me on Discord xXNightOPXx#0692


  • Gyur1

    Thank you but then JS writes an error!

  • Armstrong847

    welcome to stackoverflow! Please post your current code or errors from the terminal, not just telling one error that could solve everything. As I presume it is only the error from importing Discord, here are some troubleshoot options.

    Installing Discord.py in cmd prompt

    pip install discord

    importing Discord into your python code, these are the main Discord imports

    import discord
    import discord.utils
    from discord.ext import commands, tasks

    Your python version is under date

    Or your compiler is not linked, pip must be in your PATH directory, you can change this in settings, environmental paths, then finding pip in your python folder. (Usually located at C:\Program Files\Python).


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