"Wave to say hi!" should be disable-able for servers


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  • Darquise Obscuritas

    Just make a new welcome chanel and delete the old one to get rid of this feature. If you want a welcome message just set up a bot as example Carl-bot and write your own message via the dashboard. You can also manage the authorization of your members with roles or individually for each chanel. A bot can prevent spamming in addition. Hope this helps ^^

  • Vael Victus

    Looks like there's a new option now?

    So... nice thread.

  • arvidurs

    Yeah I see that too! Great that it was implemented so quick! 


  • DarkHeraldMage

    Anyone else see the option but unable to actually turn it off and save the change? In my 15k community it will not save (where I want it off the most), but in my much smaller servers it has no issue saving when I turn that feature off.

    Quick update: If you are having the same trouble I did, try turning off another feature in the same section at the same time and saving it, that seems to make Discord process the change. Then you can enable the other one again and save without issue.

  • Grant

    Uh, the option to disable it does not work, users on mobile still see stickers. So why did they add "Prompt members to replay to welcome messages with a sticker" option but it only applies to PC users?? Why are they forcing these ugly waving furry stickers so hard? What a awful ugly new Discord feature. It was literally having a noticeable negative effect on all members in my server I had to disable the whole welcome messages entirely. No one was saying hi to anyone at all because it's so ugly to have a welcome message with a 10 foot tall waving furry. I am permanently turning off Welcome messages in all of my servers. and permanently unsubscribing from Discord Nitro. 

  • Mandabar

    Seems the toggle they added now works! Your actually able to save the change now.

    Glad it got implemented, too bad it is opt-out and not opt-in for wave to say hi. I can already see too many lazy and/or uncaring admins not disabling this horrible feature.

  • Opiuo

    i was ready to pull my hair off, glad i came here and discovered the ''disable'' feature they added

    it doesn't work on mobile tho

  • Grant

    I turned off prompt members to replay to welcome messages with a sticker and the next day the switch is back on!!

    What are the people doing at Discord? This feature really sucks and I am very disappointed, it's making this service less useful for my needs. What an insult to add a option that just keeps auto enabling. Why? I hate playing games with server settings. What the hell is the point of having a option if the option doesn't persist?

  • ana | gmt

    I'm happy that there's an option to de-activate this feature, but I've now de-activated it twice and it keeps coming back... 🤨

  • gothicserpent

    Thank you for letting us disable this terrible feature. Should be disabled by default IMO

  • EmberVoices

    Okay... it *was* working, and now it's re-set and won't let me save. On my desktop it won't let me save. On my phone it lets me try, but doesn't actually save the changes.

    What the heck is this bug?? I can't imagine it's a feature, why would this be so important to anyone that it stay turned on?

  • x Hades Stamps

    Context, as in the location of the setting, for those of you wondering. Thanks for actually listening, Discord! I wish you'd do it more!


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