Discord Events needs Google Calendar integration


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  • AshDott

    Great Idea! Maybe Discord could even add a way to add another connection where it links your google account that you use for discord. So things like google docs, forms, and calendars can be integrated into events. It would prove very useful!

  • Flebsy

    Discord has added the feature to add specific events to calendars, even adding .ics downloads, but these require manual input per event.

    There is no automatically updating .ics file we can subscribe to on our devices, unfortunately.

  • Lythrox

    Thank you. Love this added feature and I am using Librewolf web browser. So I would imagine that's why I can't add events to my own calendar.

    Side note to their question which reflects the topic. Could we link our servers to a specific email's calender instead of our accounts. 

    For example I have set up a anonymous email box and account to read all concerns to the server that disconnects my person account for community inquires. The idea with this is it removed the need to run a in discord mail box and I had a bot that was a calendar focused that I could branch into this account to have a ICS calendar that could be sync to anyone's account.

    Down falls of that bot, super irritating to set up events. Discord's interface is beautiful. Just want to see more functionality to community driven uses. This also is nice because a company could effectively remove the need for zoom.

  • xtabbas

    Hey there! I couldn't agree more. I wanted this automated for the longest time now so thought to let you know there is a bot that does automate this by allowing 2-way events sync (discord→google→discord).

    Here is a helpful blog post on AtomCal's website that explains how to use their Discord bot to integrate Google Calendar with Discord, allowing for easy scheduling and event management.



  • EinDev

    (sorry i am not trying to impersonate staff, I accidentally set “discord.com@(…)” as my full name. It obviously isn't. I was not aware this would show myself as “discord” lol)  


    While i appreciate xtabbas's input, i would prefer a solution which does not require the server operator to do something. Perfect would be sending a Teams-Style event message which can be automatically added to your calendar, as soon as you click on ‘interested’. No sync needed here IMHO  

  • Studnicky

    Back-end calendar sync without requiring a bot integration would be ideal.

  • joep.io

    I'd suggest generating a per-server .ics file and hosting that online, as an opt-in feature accessible from server settings.

    It would be extremely valuable in our case. We use discord for virtually all our community needs, but not having a way to integrate calendars is a monumental drawback. Without some form of integration, I think I'll soon move to a different event management system, perhaps even switching to a different video system as well.

    Discord is amazing for videos and communities, but the lack of calendar integration makes it hard to get people to join events, and it makes it cumbersome to show events in some external interface (e.g. website).

  • Mario

    In the meantime, while they develop an integration between Google Calendar and Discord, you can try using the script in this GitHub project:


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