New Android Update = Bleh!


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  • Daviza

    I encountered ALL of these issues, with the inclusion of- About 70% of the time, the app will not notify me about new messages (It does sometimes, so I know its working)
    - The app keeps me on idle instead of offline while on mobile throughout the night (It was really confusing my friends, and people were asking me why I was up so late)

    - Compressed image sending was removed? I'm not sure what this one is about, you are really going to explain that one. Can't send a photo I just took with my phone cause its too big, and no option to quickly compress even though I know it is already a feature.

    - The app is much slower now... It takes an extra 10 seconds for new messages to pop up, or for the "user is typing" to pop up. Usually they are within half a second of my desktop app. It also just struggles to send messages on my spotty wifi...

    - Your update reset all my settings on my phone, and synced them to my PC, so I had to go through and fix it on both devices. That's cool.

    - Simple Features break randomly, such as swipping to the right to bring up server channels, or your friends list. Swiping left and right just stops working and forces an app restart.
    - I have my app in light mode (Because screen burn kills my phone) and the start up logo starts off in dark mode, and abruptly swaps to the light mode logo. Every time. It looks like an oversight.

    And again, EVERYTHING that was mentioned above. The notification not going away while im in the person's DMs is very obnoxious. This is very anti consumer, and pro lazy dev design.
    Please do not release this. I legit thought my discord was broken, and uninstalled and reinstalled the app. THANKFULLY it let me use the older version for a bit longer, I hope it lasts.
    And yes, I created an account here purely for the fact that this update is this bad. I am a long time user that has been with discord since 2015.

  • Davide

    that's right, they absolutely have to put the old update

  • Cool idiot



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