The new mobile UI is disgusting


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  • Skaia

    I agree, it's absolutely terrible and changing the font size doesn't change the emojis along with it, so it's small text with large emojis. I've also found that it ran slower after this update, and boots up like its on a 3 year old PC. I hope they reverse the changes.

  • Nextgen41

    This is quite possibly the worst looking UI for mobile discord. the only thing i see as remotely nice is the blue for notifications on reply and mark as read, but everything else feels like i went to the 0.0.1 release of mobile discord. It is such a jarring and downright ugly look that I really dont want to use. I get they want to make the UI more compact, but on devices with smaller screens than computers, it makes it almost impossible to tap on the channel you want without compacting the category, which is also difficult to do. Bring back the old UI. Please. It looked nice and simple and intuitive, because it was. you dont need to improve an already nice UI, since it just makes it look worse.

    And, when i saw it, it legitimately made me feel nauseous. Please revert this update. No one wants this.


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