Watching PC games stream on mobile Завершено
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Youtube "Streaming" status message Завершено
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In-app video player Завершено
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Embedded MP3 Support Завершено
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Add an option to fully close Discord on "x" Завершено
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Remove those new giant sqaures when sharing screen Завершено
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Add a button to automatically that "Mark as Read" all server chat rooms Завершено
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Dark Themed Emoji Picker Завершено
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Allow me to reorder the server list Завершено
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Accessibility / Named Buttons Завершено
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Add a search function (CTRL + F) Завершено
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Auto-scroll doesn't function when app not active window Завершено
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Viewing ban reasons on mobile Завершено
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Accessibility Issues with both Desktop and Mobile Apps Завершено
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Shared Bot Ownership Завершено
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disable explicit image filtering for bot accounts Завершено
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Server Folders for Phone users Завершено
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Accessibility roleback for Android Завершено
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See who reacts on mobile Завершено
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Update emojis to 12.0 (2019 update!) Завершено
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Make the .gifv and .webm file format links work like gifs, play the animation without having to open the original URL Завершено
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Allow me to transfer server ownership Завершено
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Screen Sharing without a camera Завершено
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In app notifications while watching Go Live streams Завершено
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Show servername next to Emotes Завершено
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Make nitro mobile friendly. Завершено
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Jump to present Завершено
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Show if someone's streaming Завершено
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Emoji Picker for mobile Завершено
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Change the way NSFW channels are labeled to icons. Example attached. Завершено
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