Make the time format 24hr time clock С ответом
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Discord for the Nintendo Switch С ответом
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Upload Failed - Click Here to retry the upload (Will not let me upload) С ответом
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Ummh images not loading С ответом
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Toggle the offline member list С ответом
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Discord Nitro Boost via Apple Subscription С ответом
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Return to community-contributed translations С ответом
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Screen Share doesn't play sound С ответом
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push notifications not sent on android С ответом
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browser С ответом
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Channel and Category Name in Mobile Push Notifications С ответом
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Don't make users instantly join channels if they didn't "disconnect" upon turning off their computer. Teamspeak nor skype does this. С ответом
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Discord LITE С ответом
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EMOJIS С ответом
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Make it so that those with the admin permission can automatically see spoilers, therefore preventing misuse of the spoilers feature С ответом
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gifting С ответом
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Voice Messages С ответом
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Linux Update С ответом
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Ожидание ответа сервер С ответом
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Free give of nitro (hypesquad) С ответом
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I cannot cancel my nitro subscription. С ответом
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Allow @mentions to be used only by specific roles С ответом
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I got Discord Nitro gift for free? С ответом
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Emoji Update С ответом
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The app С ответом
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Download virker IKKE С ответом
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Не подключается С ответом
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Font size С ответом
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Custom Friend Aliases С ответом
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Screen Share Tab won't go away. С ответом
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