I want to verify my account with phone number but I don't receive the message
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Keep Discord mobile from hogging the audio stream.
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Amoled Dark Mode option
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Screenshare on mobile!
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Mulitple Emote Upload on Mobile
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Displaying Discord Notifcations on the Phone and the Computer at the same time.
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[GLOBAL] Mark all as read
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Black screen during voice calls
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Mobile Video calls lagging
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Quick Reply on iOS Banner
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size of avatars and names back to normal (Android)
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Add Discord (& beta) to Huawei AppGallery
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Allow 0 minute setting for "Push Notification AFK timeout"
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Add an option to disable the iOS/Android tabs
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Coloured code blocks
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Unable to download videos and images using the Discord app on Android (Download Failed) message
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Option to Disable Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message on Mobile
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Add button push to talk outside discord app for mobile version
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Android Embed Copy-Cooldown for the fields
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Android app crashing frequently since upgrading to Android 12
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Suggestions: Messenger feature, and DM customability
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Add Discord Connection to Huawei Game Suite
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Discord Mobile No Longer Can Select Gallery App
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Mobile Notifications
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iOS Spotify, Apple Music
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Problem with using same number for different account
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Reverse the iOS block on NSFW servers for 18+ users
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Custom Status not displaying/showing
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Let mobile discord go idle instead of auto invisible/offline!
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Discord app should be on Amazons store!
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