problem with NSFW Gifs
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Allow attaching polls to messages
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Don't show notifications for unread messages from blocked users
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/remind function to set and get reminders of topics set
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Binance Referral Code: HH8QXSGB (Up to 121% Transaction fee Discount and Refund Valid for Life)
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Messages "Read"
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Better ANSI Support For Codeblocks
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Add this onto the computer version of Discord as well
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Grup içerisinde taciz, küfür, zorbalık ve cinsel küfür.
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Suggestion to add multiple indentations/quotes
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Deleting private chats
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Gate io Referans Kodu Kimligi: 3930511 Omur Boyu Gecerli Referans Kodu
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An idea
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Turn off replys from blocked users
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A /roll command.
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Show an indication in the voice channel that a user is currently live. Завершено
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About What is MEXC Referral Code? Where to Find It? 1nLqn
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Folders for 'Favorite' Gifs
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Simple Method for reducing scams.
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Webhooks integrated into DMs/GCs with the upcoming integration of Apps into the same areas.
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Disable sound notification for server but allow for DMs
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Light mode/Dark mode role colours
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Double left click to reply
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Searching all Direct messages
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HDR Screen Share
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Channel Merging
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(MOBILE) Please Bring Back seeing part of the channel you're in when you swipe into the channel list
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delete or archive DM messages
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This server have confirmed cheater, yet they refuse to ban him
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