Discord Pls dont add Email and Internet.. because chuds are offended
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Love the integration for NFTs
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Please Integrate More NFTs
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NFTs are good for the environment
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Ethereum reducing energy use by 99.9%
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Please Use Ethereum
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Crypto support - great idea!
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This is insane. Integrating ETH and NFT support is great and will be crucial to your ability to compete in the future. Kudos!
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Integrate ethereum
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Web3 integration is a fantastic idea - the level of cope and ngmi below is hilarious
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Integrate ETH and NFT and here is why
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Happy for NFT and Ethereum integration
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it's not about nfts
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Please DO integrate NFTs. The metaverse is the future.
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NFT and Ethereum integration is awesome!
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NFT integration looks brilliant
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DIscord NFTs - Only thing that will keep me as a user.
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please stop saying nfts are bad everyone
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GM! Ethereum integration is the way forward!
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I'm sure you guys know what you're doing. It's a schtick, don't listen to the people trying to boycott because of nfts
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say yes to ethereum
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Say yes to ethereum v2
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I'm glad you are adding support for NFTs. Don't bow to the pressure of uninformed groupthinking morons.
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Really looking forward to tying my Discord account to my Ethereum identity
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Welcome integration of Crypto especially Ethereum sign on. Losers gonna hate
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Integrate Ethereum!!!
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Meltdown from middle IQ simps alone is worth adding Crypto
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Discord Story
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