About discord support system
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Making this post cause Discord hasn't responded to my age appeal tickets
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Discord application freezing problem
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Hesabıma giriş yapılmıyor
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Hovering over the Loot Boxes have arrived! popup crashes Discord
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Account disabled and delay in response.
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I got my account back!!!
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awful support
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Request Watching movie together in server discord
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private messages folders
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Ability to close group dms like user dms
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When are suspended accounts permanently deleted?
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About PlayStation X Discord
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Is it normal to wait over a month for a ticket reply?
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Ticket is solved but in real (de facto) problem is not solved
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Discord Support Agents Not Helping (Unban Request)
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Group Chat Pins
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UNBAN ME PLS (FAST) Nelly ticket resolved false
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The name, profile photo, phone, and email are set automatically. You can't change them here.
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Why's Discord support marking my tickets as solved if I was about to verify my age?
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I cannot upgrade my nitro subscription
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Discord Account Hacked!!
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Can't Stand The Corporate Art Style
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I was banned for no reason and no official responds.
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Discord for Windows 10 ARM64
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Age ban appeals being ignored?
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My Age Appeal being ignored
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This is a feedback post.
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Hesabım devredışı
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Very Delayed Ticket Support
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