Nested Categories
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Different Profile Picture Per Server С ответом
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More emotes С ответом
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Учотную запись С ответом
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Re-enable email notifications Завершено
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Ticket/Report system for users, to be seen my server staff
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Discord tag change С ответом
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Warning Before Lock
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More friend options
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gif as profile picture С ответом
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Custom Game Names for Verified Games
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Ability to show/hide gaming status on a per-server basis С ответом
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Cambiar el formato de 24 horas a 12 horas.
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give us another 50 emote slots С ответом
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Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.
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Allow admin to see multi accounts users
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A Custom "Badge/Achievement System"...
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The server crown symbol disappears!
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Add a way to check if your Discord account is in good standing or to check if it was ever banned on a Discord server
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Compact Mode + Ability to review Audit Logs
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Channel Stats С ответом
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It would be good if mods could see users with "invisible" status Не планируется
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Revert Server Changes
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Rules splash page, accesible in server menu
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Limit usage of the "@everyone" tag for certain roles.
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Allows us to adjust profile picture thumbnail Завершено
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Add functionality to nickname others
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Nitro Завершено
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Give the new Search feature permissions
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Chat Timeout Завершено
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