Allow @mentions to be used only by specific roles С ответом
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PS4 С ответом
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Discord on Switch - YES BABE! С ответом
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Different Profile Picture Per Server С ответом
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Ability to show/hide gaming status on a per-server basis С ответом
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Server-specific Profile Pictures С ответом
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Mixer Account С ответом
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multiple account in one discordapp or programm| I would really like to open my 2 accounts at the same time С ответом
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We need multiple accounts! С ответом
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A sort of folder system for organizing servers you're part of С ответом
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Feature Request: Unique avatar per server. С ответом
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Allow profile connection to Nintendo Account/Network ID and PlayStation Network С ответом
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Grouping Servers С ответом
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Role Tags like Bots have С ответом
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Different Avatar for Each server and + С ответом
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Server-specific online status С ответом
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connect discord account to ps4 С ответом
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Categories within Categories! С ответом
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Role permission for mention roles. С ответом
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Server Specific Icons С ответом
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(Suggestion) Temporary server close С ответом
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GitHub Integration С ответом
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Profile Picture Expanding С ответом
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Telefon Numarası С ответом
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Option to hide "message from blocked user" С ответом
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Being able to edit your online status per server С ответом
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Customizable profile bios С ответом
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Set avatar for server like nickname С ответом
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Allow Video Call in Servers С ответом
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Channels with Passwords С ответом
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