[Enshittification][DO NOT ADD] Discord Username System
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Profile Connections Feedback Index
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Rules splash page, accesible in server menu
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Maintenance mode
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Way to save and switch profiles quickly
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Add functionality to nickname others
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Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)
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Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what Bot, Who moved who, ect)
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Kicked/Banned from Server Notification
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Revert Server Changes
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nitro the badget changes colors every year
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Simplified and Advanced Role/Hierarchy
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Audit log if messages are deleted
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Add a server setting to disallow private messages to users
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Grace Period for Deleted Channel Recovery
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Nested Categories
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Multiple Discord Accounts
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Make an ability to click on roles and check descriptions for those roles, so people have a better understanding of them.
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Nickname History
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Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.
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Limit usage of the "@everyone" tag for certain roles.
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A Custom "Badge/Achievement System"...
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How to deal with bad users who send spam DM.
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Add Soundcloud as a Profile Connection
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Warning when changing to a name that will change your DiscordTag#0000.
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Server Wide Channel Mute
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New Permission: "Assign Roles"
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Re-Add the Ability to Use Spaces in Channel Names.
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Give the new Search feature permissions
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Separate 'Manage Messages' into 'Pin Messages' and 'Delete Messages'
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