Gift Other Users Nitro Завершено
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Profile Connections Feedback Index
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Rules splash page, accesible in server menu
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Avatars by server Завершено
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Track who joined through what invite.
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Maintenance mode
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Way to save and switch profiles quickly
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Nitro Завершено
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Add functionality to nickname others
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Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)
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Allow only admins/moderators to mention certain roles Завершено
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Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what Bot, Who moved who, ect)
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Allow @mentions to be used only by specific roles С ответом
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Add time duration for kicks and bans
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Kicked/Banned from Server Notification
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Revert Server Changes
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nitro the badget changes colors every year
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Simplified and Advanced Role/Hierarchy
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Password protected channels Не планируется
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rainbow Не планируется
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Allows us to adjust profile picture thumbnail Завершено
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Audit log if messages are deleted
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Add a server setting to disallow private messages to users
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It would be good if mods could see users with "invisible" status
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Grace Period for Deleted Channel Recovery
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Nested Categories
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Chat Timeout
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Multiple Discord Accounts
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Nitro Tag Не планируется
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Make an ability to click on roles and check descriptions for those roles, so people have a better understanding of them.
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