Server Disable Video Option
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[Stage] Even though I deafen the sound, I can hear the sound
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Video interruptions not locally based. And video expand ui is missing.
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Roll down button removed in latest version of discord/discordPTB
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add slowmode to sounboards in voice chats
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모바일 앱에 미디어볼륨으로 통화 기능 추가 되면 좋겠어요!
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Turn off the auto call disconnect after 3 minutes for mobile
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New Users Don't Know About Streaming Chats
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Disable auto disconnect after 3 minutes
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Ability to turn on auto resizing of call window after you adjust it
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Prevent previewing camera images during distribution mode or screen sharing (Translated by DeepL)
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Please disable automatically leaving the call after 3 minutes on mobile.
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discord kicking users out of private calls
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Option to stop Clyde from auto disconnecting in private calls
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Presets that will change volume to a scpecific percantage you define for every person in one click
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Annoying green bar at the top of stream (iOS)
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Make the call latency lower.
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Video only on phones and tablets while using voice call on consoles simultaneously.
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Option to disable soundboard sounds on Android/iOS
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In- & Output Presets
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Sound board functionality issues
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Voice Message on PC
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User Stream Volume Fix
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Musician Mode
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A "are you sure you want to call [person]" popup to prevent accidental calls for Mobile
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Voice Messages In PC
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Add Support To Mute Specific Soundboard Sounds
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Auto-disconnect after being in a call alone for 3 minutes
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Voice Call - Screen
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