Option to stop Clyde from auto disconnecting in private calls
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communication mode
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Fix UI
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Option to stop Krisp Noise suppression turning off automatically
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PTT needs to bind to a SPECIFIC Device and Logical Device button, rather than all "Button 1" across all devices and tied to device physical buttons
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The new update is terrible
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Screen share is ruined?
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Keep Soundpacks!!
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Support Video Playback for HEVC (H.265) Videos
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New discord update. Trash
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Support Camera Virtual Backgrounds
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Revert the UI change please
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Add a feature to silently leave discord calls/ voice chats
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Ability to stream or turn on video on a Stage channel?
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Join calls from multiple devices
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MEmu Play Android Emulator Crashes when Going Live with Discord
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Crashing upon joining voice channels
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Support virtual cameras in macOS application
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For the love of god go back to the old UI
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"Show non-video participants" disabled by default
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Sound during screenshare on mac Завершено
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Why change the screenshare ui
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New Stage Voice Channel Suggestion/Feedback
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Remove go live from dm and group VC
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[Concept] - Private Streams
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[Idea] Add a Stage Channel Pop-Out Text Chat
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3D sound positioning!
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Screensharing is broken on Wayland (Linux)
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Allow us to opt out of the tabs in the Home section (Stage Discovery, Nitro)
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Raise hand feature
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