Ps5 Screensharing!
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PS5 Screen Sharing
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PTT needs to bind to a SPECIFIC Device and Logical Device button, rather than all "Button 1" across all devices and tied to device physical buttons
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screen share for wide and ultra wide Request
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Playstation 5 direct streaming support.
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Cant look at my own "video"
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Being Able to Report Verbal Abuse within the App
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Re-arrange voice chat with Screenshare
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Don't default the custom status to "Chilling tbh" when joining a voice channel
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Captions on video calls
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Having access to mute all by one click in Voice Channel as Mod
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Share audio or music in private call
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Calls randomly disconnecting
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How To Get Binance Futures Referral Code?
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How to turn off narrator?
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[Feature Request] Vocaux sur channel textuel (a la Whatsapp) Vocals in text channel (like Whatsapp)
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Volume when participating in a conversation
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Discord mic doesn't work after whatsapp
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Compartilhado nas transmissões
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Video Size Customization
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Muting a whole room
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i have problem about seeing others' stream
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Discord devs are piglets
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Input Sensitivity and Maximum Volume QoL
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Ability to record Discord Voice Chat on PS5 console video captures
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An option to disable those Feedback pop-up's after a call or stream
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Blacklist or Permanently Remove select Input and Output Devices in Voice Settings
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Push-to-Deafen needed for Proximity Voice games
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Activity Status in voice channels
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Being able to ring people in a server just like a normal call
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