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  • Favourites / Special Friends List

    We should have a separate drop down box that contains messages that are from friends, or have a drop down list of 'Special' or 'Favourite' friends that you can add, to stop friends getting burried ...

  • Roll command for Discord

    Give us a roll command for Discord, the fact it doesn't have one is borderline atrocious.  It's a social platform for gamers pretty much, and we can't roll dice? Come on! No, bots are NOT an answer...

  • Edit OTHER peoples post.

    Allow us to edit other peoples posts, a permission checked for Moderation purposes. This helps to keep bulletboards or announcement channels cleaner by updating them. Whoever edits it, should have ...

  • Animated Server Icon should be free! :<

    .. well, it should!   So we all can enjoy it! :<