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  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Use HackerOne

    HackerOne attracts more vulnerability testers than your security bug report page, which would lead to a better and safer discord because more people are trying to report vulnerabilities. It would a...

  • Пользователь brain прокомментировал

    Suggester wanted server list at the side to be able to be customizeable (pinned to top, left, bottom, or right).

  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Discord beanbag

    title says it all. we need a discord bean bag.

  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Game Emotes

    Global emotes that can be used by people with/without Nitro who have a game that's not free to play. For example, let's say I bought Dead Cells through Discord, but I don't have nitro. They should ...

  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Make the star black on gifs where it might not be visible

    On white gifs, you can't really see the star at all, and you'd have to know it's there in order to favorite that GIF.

  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Make the icon at the top of the server list be our profile picture

    The current one is the clyde/Discord logo. Can we have our pfp be there like old discord? Thanks :)

  • Пользователь brain прокомментировал

    You can already do this using widget.json in the API.

  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Discord should publicly disclose security bugs that affect user data.

    I realized that Discord didn’t disclose to users when security bugs were patched, and only the reporter knows about it (but they can choose to disclose it like I disclosed mine). As a (terrible) se...

  • Пользователь brain создал публикацию

    Light themed image barrier

    auto-detect white themed images and put a barrier over them for dark themed users. It's extremely annoying to see a light themed image when in dark mode.

  • Пользователь brain прокомментировал

    This poses a huge security concern. People might not like your selfbot on their server, which is why bot users exist. You also are encouraged to get your own token, and most users have eval command...