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  • Пользователь TBC создал публикацию

    Make role colours visible in voice channels

    Let us see role colours in voice channels similar to how you can see on the sidebar or in text channels. This helps differentiate between people and lets you know if someone is impersonating easier...

  • Пользователь TBC создал публикацию

    Add discord tag back

    In the bottom left of discord, it shows your username but with the new update, it no longer shows the tag. It might be useful if you're trying to send your tag through a different device and have t...

  • Пользователь TBC создал публикацию

    Add ability to customize banner

    With the new update on discord, it adds a little background/banner to people when you click on their profile. I was thinking maybe add a way to change the banner to a picture, gif, or different col...