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  • Пользователь buddyjip создал публикацию

    So much scams!!

    I can see like 2 topics a week I follow that are scams, such as free nitro and stuff. Moderators need to be more active on the suggestions platform to prevent people falling in to such scams

  • Пользователь buddyjip создал публикацию

    Fully customizable nitro

    Make a fully customizable nitro subscription. You can choose which features you want in your subscription. For example, I want customizable discord profile and server boosting. I don’t really care ...

  • Пользователь buddyjip прокомментировал

    Some people like the benefits of getting a special booster role, but I also agree. Maybe just get an option to boost anonimously or not.

  • Пользователь buddyjip прокомментировал

    Unfortunately, PayPal is not an option for me. I can only use the debit card.

  • Пользователь buddyjip создал публикацию

    New payment type.

    I recently found trouble in adding a payment type for my Discord account. I contacted Discord on Twitter, and through email. I have spent hours searching for an answer. As it turns out, Discord sim...