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  • Add a New Easter Egg

    It would be fun if there was a small chance that the message “Several people are typing” would say “Wow! That’s a lot of people talking!”

  • Back button

    On mobile, if you click the in app notification banner, there should be a back button that takes you back to the server / channel you were in. This is because it is annoying if you are dm’ing someo...

  • Pin channels to quick switcher

    On mobile, going from a server at the bottom of the list to a dm or server at the top of your server list is a chore. It would be nice if you could pin channels in the quick switcher so you can go ...

  • Search Messages from Member by Right-Clicking Their Name

    It would be nice if there was a way to quickly search messages by a user. This could be done by right-clicking the user in chat, mention or on the member list and there would be a button labeled "S...

  • Scrolling

    (this could go in here or mobile) There should be an option to make it so when you scroll up in chat, if you go to a different channel or server, it won’t scroll back down to the bottom.

  • 2,500+ Member Push Notifications

    I believe that Discord should allow us to get push notifications for channels that have under 2,500 members even if the server has over 2,500 members. What I mean is this: you are in a large server...

  • Tag Notification Red Thing


    Ok, I am very sorry for the title, but I have no idea what else to call it. On desktop, when you get tagged (@) on your server list, there is a little red button you can click to jump to the server...

  • Auto-Search Emojis

    Just a small feature idea, but when you type the beginning of an emoji, ex: “:dabJuic”, if you click on the emoji button, it should automatically put “dabJuic” in the search bar. It would be nice t...

  • [iOS] Revert the bot tag and badge list to how it was before (latest TF update)

    With the latest testflight build, the bot tags were changed from rectangular to a stadium shape (apparently that’s what it’s called). I personally liked the way it was before. Another thing that lo...

  • [iOS] Members Per Role

    On the desktop version, you can see the total members that have each role. This should come to iOS (and Android if it isn’t already) because sometimes it would be nice to know how many people have ...