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  • [PC] Suggestion

    There is a feature in the iOS app where whenever you close the app, or even refresh you end up back in the chat you were last active in. This should be a feature on PC as well as it is pretty annoy...

  • A little tweak of the feedback Site

    So I had this brilliant idea during my class about how the feedback site could be improved. Screenshot -

  • [Mobile/iOS] In-App notification

    In this current version of discord on mobile you cannot disable in-app notifications for specific servers without completely muting the notifications from the server or turning off in-app notificat...

  • [Mobile/iOS] Suggestion

    When you go to the settings tab on mobile, you lack the feature to add your phone number to your discord account. There should be a feature where you could add your phone number via Discord mobile.

  • Suggestions for Merch

    Hey, I have a few suggestions for the merch for discord. 1) Hypesquad House pop-sockets 2) super sweet hoodies with a hypesquad house Logo on the back, and wumpus on the front 3) Some limited edi...

  • Test Video Feature

    Currently we have a feature that allows us to test our video cameras. But there is nothing to turn it off unless you 1) exit out of the settings, 2) exit out of the voice and videos tab. There shou...