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  • Server folders idea

    Hi. I am a heavy user of Discord and I frequently hit the number of servers limit. This is thanks to a lot of companies handling software is using them to keep in touch with the community and even ...

  • Ghost chat

    In 1 on 1 chats - only two people. The ability to start (and reject/validate) a "ghost chat". One person sends the request, and the other - before any of them can even write - needs to reject or va...

  • invites and endorsement

    Hi o/ Since the server knows who made which invite link (if people are making one to send to a friend), having that included when someone joins, would be some neat feature. That will automatically ...

  • "get back to this channel later" mark (flag-to-remember)

    Hi,   Like emails used to have "flag to follow up later" could be useful in discord. Many users are part of many servers - and no one can keep up with all conversation, not even if you posted somew...