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  • Пользователь Virtus создал публикацию

    Change colouring if tend chart emotes

    Minor and specific, but it's been bugging me for a while. The "Upward trend" is shown with a red line, which is negative. Usually upward to the right is considered positive. This is contradictory. ...

  • Пользователь Virtus создал публикацию

    Disable text auto-selection

    Pretty sure this wasn't a thing before. Selecting text up to the end of a line that has a hard line break causes text until a previous type of return to be selected. A way to disable it, if possibl...

  • Пользователь Virtus прокомментировал

    Notes on their profile doesn't help me find their account when I am looking for them. I want to be able to nick my friends and group them somehow, just like you can on Steam. It has been insanely u...

  • Пользователь Virtus прокомментировал

    I would very much like to see some statistics of my account. E.g. how many servers I am, total amount of available custom emotes, voice call duration (?), total amount of messages, registration dat...