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  • Пользователь nitsuga5124 создал публикацию

    Revert 👀 emote from canary

    This new jumbo emoji change canary is getting is in my opinion not necessary, and it's causing a lot of emotes, like 👀 to break consistency and meaning of many of the custom emotes obtained from th...

  • Пользователь nitsuga5124 создал публикацию

    Allow bots to set custom content filters for DM's

    Currently bots are set to scan all_messages by default, which makes them unable to recive NSFW content in DM's, and the api blocks requests trying to change them manually. Allowing NSFW Content on ...

  • Пользователь nitsuga5124 создал публикацию

    Announcement channels should be free to use.

    Currently announcement specific channels are only for: Verified users servers, Partnered servers and Paid servers of applications. This should be changed as annoucements are not limited to servers ...