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  • Пользователь Hwiggy создал публикацию

    Discord Gift Acceptance Tracking

    Server moderators should be able to track who accepts a nitro gift.Some use cases for this are for example large servers where people might be running nitro siphoners; having someone responsible to...

  • Пользователь Hwiggy прокомментировал

    https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360067805192-Code-Block-Horizontal-ScrollSince Discord has chosen to ignore this one; lets refocus our energy into a new one.

  • Пользователь Hwiggy создал публикацию

    Code Block Horizontal Scroll

    We've been here before, but Discord deleted the posting without comment.Code blocks suck for programmers, because they force line breaks.Perhaps this could be fixed, maybe with a switch in the clie...

  • Пользователь Hwiggy создал публикацию

    Un-hoisted Role Hierarchy

    As you know now, Discord provides two methods of displaying roles; hoisted and standard.In a hoisted configuration, the role hierarchy is visibly clear to server members; roles are sorted and displ...

  • Пользователь Hwiggy прокомментировал

    I am not sure why my posting of this was taken down, but thank you for re-posting it.At least yours has more upvotes as well, so maybe it will actually be implemented.