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  • Пользователь Nith прокомментировал

    Pretty good idea to do it. Although, it should be done by Discord Abuse. Why? Because, they are searching for new bugs to reach the token. But It’s should be founded by Abuse and banned from Discord.

  • Пользователь Nith прокомментировал

    It’s very hard to make it on mobile. Although, you cannot use Rich Presence on mobile. It should be added to **Discord Developer Panel** on any mobile device which is using AndroidOS or iOS.

  • Пользователь Nith создал публикацию

    New iOS UI swipe up menu on down

    Hey there, you guys know that a new UI comes to iOS TestFlight. And as you see, there’s a menu of everything you have to reach. But it’s very weird when you swipe left to see servers/channels. I th...

  • Пользователь Nith создал публикацию

    A11Y emotes on iOS

    We should about it guys. A11Y is the best emotes of the status what are you doing. It should be uploaded on TestFlight.

  • Пользователь Nith создал публикацию

    The VC’s are optimized on the mobile users.

    Sometimes when I talk in mobile devices, it’s really buggy and hard to talk. Speak to us, it needs to be optimized to use.

  • Пользователь Nith создал публикацию

    (iOS) Chat with friends on horizontal mode

    It makes easiser to talk on the any social media app. I think it needs to be added on Discord iOS Stable/TestFlight...

  • Пользователь Nith создал публикацию

    iOS Information Box on Any Badge

    Hey, you all guys knew that when you don’t have a nitro and you touched a nitro badge, it shows a information about it. I think it should every badge has a own information to show and it helps to e...